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Video over Cat5

When you need to run low voltage DC power to video cameras and other low voltage devices, a power source and converter may not be readily available. This product is designed to provide solutions by running the video and power to various devices through a Cat 5 cable.


Video Balun
VB-1 Kit
Video/Power over Twisted Pair

  • Run Video and Power over a Cat 5 line.
  • Up to 1000' (B/W) or 800' (Color)
  • 2-Part system.
  • Size: 2 1/4" x 2 1/4"
  • Camera current must not exceed 250mA.
  • BNC Male connector.
  • Easy set-up and utilization.
The "video balun" is designed to convert a baseband video signal via BNC male connector, to a 18-22 gauge twisted pair (Cat 5) via a RJ-45 connector. Capable of 800 to 1600' runs. One BS378-PW to be placed at the camera location, one BS378-SP to be placed at modulator/monitor location.

Includes: AC/DC Power converter, Camera power cable, and 2 Male to Male BNC adaptors.


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    Video & Power Over CAT 5