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MM70 Single Channel Digital Modulator

MM70 SINGLE CHANNEL DIGITAL MODULATOR - These modulators let you create your own closed circuit television channels for distribution throughout a home or business. They take standard video and audio input from nearly any source, including video cameras, security cameras, video recorders, laser disc players, video games, and satellite receivers. Many uses from simple distribution of cable or satellite video signal to sophisticated security systems

MM70 - $ 85.00

Net Media - Remote Powered Single Channel Modulator

NET MEDIA RM70 REMOTE POWERED SINGLE CHANNEL MODULATOR - The RMOD70, NetMedia's digital channel modulator with power injector, allows for power transmission through the coaxial cable. It's specifications are the same as the MM70 and MM73 models. Also included with the RMOD70 are a UL-approved 12V DC power supply, power injector with cable for connecting to a splitter/combiner, and composite audio and video cables with RCA connectors.

RM70 - $106.00

Net Media Triple Play Modulator 3 Channel

NET MEDIA TRIPLE PLAY MODULATOR - 3 channel modulator, allows standard video and audio input to be distributed throughout a home or business Use the TriplePlayŽ to modulate three video sources onto three separate TV channels simultaneously. Great for security surveillance, audio/video distribution and video monitoring. View cameras, VCRs, laserdiscs, DVDs or satellite receivers on TV channels you choose and distribute them to all TVs in the home.

MM73 - $225.00

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