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PC Video Monitoring System

Bring remote video monitoring to your PC

There are now two options for PC based digital recording. The original Eyes Pro which offers 30fps across 4 cameras or the MP3000 which offers 120fps across 4 cameras.

The base system consists of a 4 input 32-bit video capture card and software. A maximum of 16 inputs can be achieved with the Security Eyes Pro by using 4 boards. The system can be pre-programmed to simultaneously monitor several areas through its multi-camera screens. With multi-recording modes, the computer will automatically start recording the scene and signal the alarm if an abnormal situation is detected. Remote monitoring through modem, TCP/IP or IPX/SPX, web browser. Software has built in web server to allow remote viewing on the web. Built in backup program will back up to CD, MO or zip.

Product Video Card Video Inputs Displaying Rate Recording Rate Total fps
4EYES Pro 1 Video card 4 Channels 2-4 fps per channel 2-3 fps per channel 30
8EYES Pro 2 Video card 8 Channels 2-4 fps per channel 2-3 fps per channel 60
12EYES Pro 3 Video card 12 Channels 2-4 fps per channel 2-3 fps per channel 90
16EYES Pro 4 Video card 16 Channels 2-4 fps per channel 2-3 fps per channel 120
MP3004 1 Video card 4 Channels 30 fps per channel 12 fps per channel 120
MP3008 2 Video card 8 Channels 30 fps per channel 6 fps per  channel 240


Product Specification

  Composite video inputs  (BNC connectors)

Video motion detection technology

Adjustable recording frame rate for each camera

Programmable multiple detection zones for each camera

Adjustable motion detection sensitivity threshold setting

320x240 pixels (NTSC), 320x240 pixels

 (PAL), 24-bit true color

Digital Video Recording mode :- Alarm trigger recording

One 15-pin D type connector for I/O 

control -  3 sensor inputs -  4 relay output control.

Multiple Alarm Trigger mode
- Alarm from speaker
- Alert message call to your  pager or phone calls

Video Standard : NTSC, or PAL

User Friendly Browse and Playback Video Log File

  Control Setting : Brightness, Contrast,

Saturation, Hue

Log File Management for each camera with Date, Time information

Zoom in/Zoom out any camera monitoring window by mouse or function key

Multiple hard disks recording, store the log file in local disks, or remote server

Record on motion, schedule or constant

Control alarm, lock, or other device via relay control

Microsoft Windows 2000, XP

Record Audio

Bundle Software :
- AVer-Security EYES Driver,

- AVer-Security EYES Digital

Surveillance Software

- AVer-Security EYES Communication


- AVer-Security EYES Backup Utility

Built-in HTTP server

Remote recording

Send WAV file to telephone

Remote Monitoring through Modem, Internet or TCP/IP Networking

Video Recording Backup Utility

System Requirements

Pentium III 800MHz PC or higher, Pentium IV 1.2G is recommended

Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP

1 x 32-bit PCI 2.1 compliant bus slot

128MB DRAM or more recommended

4~8 GB or more of free hard disk space (at least 1GB for each camera)

16-bit high color or 24-bit true color SVGA graphics card with DirectDraw

 CD-ROM drive

16-bit sound card and speakers optional

Video Input Source: Security Eyes Pro 4, 8, 12, 16 cameras. MP3000 4 or 8 cameras

Modem and telephone line (optional)

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