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Digital Video Recorder


Falcon 616 Features:

  • High Resolution Display & Recording
  • Enhanced Codec Technology 2~5Kbytes per frame
  • Enhanced Display & Recording Speed
  • Faster Remote Viewing
  • Operating System : Win XP or Win 2000
  • Free Software Upgrade
  • Secured Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control from anywhere in the world
  • Remote Multi-Channels, Multi-Sites Monitoring & Playback
  • Remote Setup, Remote Backup

Falcon 616 Specifications

System:   CPU : Intel Pentium 4, 1.7GHz Over
HDD : 80 GB expand up to 2 tera byte CASE : Industrial Rack Mount Case
O/S : Microsoft Win XP or Windows 2000
Frame Speed:   Display : Total 120 fps
Recording : Total 120 fps
Camera Input:   Max 16 CH
Video Output:   NTSC/PAL, Composite
Compression:   Enhanced MJPEG (6Kbpf)
Resolution:   Display : 352x240 704x480pix True Color
Recording : 352x240 704x480pixTrue Color
Audio Recording:   1 CH Audio Recording (Option)
Search/Playback:   Random Access & Immediate Playback
Motion Detection:   Up to 10 Rectangular Zones / Channel
Digital Quad/Mux:   1/4/8/16 Channels / Screen
Remote Control:   Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus Control, etc.
Remote Access   
& Remote Setup:
  Remote Access via LAN, PSTN, ISDN, DSL
Internet Multi-Channel, Multi-Sites
Monitoring & Playback and Remote Setup

Netpromax Falcon 616 Spec Sheet in PDF Formatpad

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